How to use the course


a How to use this course material? Some advice is given.


  1. Read the following instructions, they give you the »big picture«.
  2. Switch to the index und select one interesting topic.
  3. Select the glossary in the Appendix.

Course structure

  • every learning unit is named station
  • every station is a isolated learning unit, but sometimes learning units depend on each other.
  • each station is divided in tree parts
    1. objectives
    2. tasks/instructions
    3. descriptions and samples

How to use the course material?

  1. First read the objectives.
  2. It this station is your target, secondly read the tasks – read carefully, but only read, do not try to solve the exercises!
  3. If the goal and the exercises match your needs, you can start reading and master the examples. Repeat the shown examples/demos.
  4. Now you are ready to solve the tasks and exercises from the instruction section above.
  5. Don’t forget to create variations of the given tasks.

Looking for solutions

If you are looking for a solution, you have additional options:

  • global search,
  • index,
  • glossary

The appendix also includes information on various topics in compressed form, for example, link lists to supplement the material presented here.